Choose the company registration package that best suits your goals and current situation. All our packages include all the required procedures without hidden fees and expenses.

The term of registration of the company: within 4-5 days after signing.

White package: 1090 euro (VAT if applicable)

*This option is available only if you register the legal address of the company yourself, translate the Hungarian documents yourself, and register yourself in the Client Portal.

 • registration of the company (in person or via online)

• payment of registration fees

• local and EU TIN

• introduction to the bank

• documents in Hungarian and for an additional option in English or another language

• personal tax number and social security number for the director

• registration with the Chamber of Commerce (incl. membership fee for the first year)

Blue package: 2090 euro (VAT if applicable) In addition to all the benefits of the white package, you also get:

• this option is only offered if you register on the Client Portal yourself.

• legal address during the year (the address in a prestigious area near the Parliament)

• processing and forwarding mails during the year, we receive your mails, check it and forward to your accountant or, if necessary, prepare a short report in English, including instructions on what you should do in connection with the particular letter

Red package: 2390 euro (VAT if applicable) In addition to all the benefits of the blue package, you also get:

* registration in the state portal: we offer help when you visit a state institution to register in the electronic portal, which is necessary for the accounting department of your Hungarian company

* providing you all the legal documents confirming that you manage a company in Hungary, and it could be useful for you, for example, when negotiating with partners

This package is ideal for foreign businessmen who need help with an official correspondence in Hungarian, instead of hiring a secretary or assistant specifically for this purpose.

Gold Package: 3190 euro (VAT if applicable)

In addition to all the benefits of the red package, you also get:

* physical office with a contract: A real office that you can use twenty days a year (or more at an additional cost). In this office, you can hold meetings at any time or rent a meeting room for up to 11 people.

This package is ideal for serious investors who personally control their business and plan to move it to Budapest. If you are interested in obtaining a residence permit on the basis of business, you can get acquainted with the business immigration options offered by us.

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