How do you choose a country where the business is sure to be succeed? The criteria by which you can choose a country for doing business: the ease of registering a company, including for a foreign entrepreneur, the amount of taxes and their administration, access to finance, the competitive environment, legal protection, the ease of scaling the business, in particular to other countries, and the cost of doing business.


An interesting and promising choice of place of business — Hungary. The country is not at the top of the business rankings, but it is popular among young and talented entrepreneurs from all over the world, it has a stable economy, the lowest income tax rate in the EU (9%) and not included in the lists of offshore zones.
Investors who invest in the country’s economy could have the opportunity to enjoy preferential tax conditions. They are among the most attractive in the Western European community. We cannot say that Hungary is an offshore country, but the requirements for business are quite comparable to the rules of “classic” low-tax jurisdictions.
Hungary is a good solution, since:
* any person can be a director or a shareholder, regardless of residence, citizenship and place of residence;
• to start a company, you do not need to personally visit the country — this can be done through a power of attorney (but the director will have to visit the capital to open a bank account);
• when setting up an enterprise, non-residents have the opportunity to obtain residence permits.

A firm in Hungary has no residency requirements for directors and shareholders, but the appointment of a local director is welcome.


There is no such residency programs for investors in Austria, here you cannot just buy real estate, securities, or other assets and on this basis get a residence permit, which does not oblige you to spend most of the year in the country. All methods of immigration involve changing the place of residence and tax residence. However, moving to Austria is exactly what many foreigners dream of. The country is considered to be one of the most prosperous, stable and economically developed in the world. It has excellent ecology, high-quality healthcare, and education.
 State support for small businesses in Austria is very strong. A simple procedure for registering a company-the form of ownership of an LLC, or GmbH, with a minimum starting capital of €10,000, of which only €5,000 must be paid in cash, a low tax burden (a single corporate tax of 25%), benefits for innovators (12% for research and development costs). In addition, it is convenient to conduct business in Austria from a geographical point of view, the country is a reference point for the development of business relations with the countries of Eastern and South – Eastern Europe.
The simplest reason for a long-term stay in Austria for Russians and CIS citizens is a residence permit for financially independent individuals and their family members (without the right to work).
Austria has been a member of the European Union since 1995. By obtaining a residence permit in Austria, you acquire almost all the rights of EU citizens (except voting), including the right to buy real estate in Austria.
A residence permit in Austria without the right to work provides the basis for a limited time stay without access to the labor market and is issued for a period of 1 year.
Both your family members and more distant relatives can get a residence permit in Austria.


Germany is one of the main immigration destinations in the world. What makes it so attractive – a strong economy, legendary cleanliness, and high quality of life.
You must have a good reason to move. Most often, these include study, work, family reunification or marriage, own a business in the country or have national roots. Of course, the country provides asylum to refugees.
Germany is the leader of the European economy, and opening a business in Germany is a great opportunity to obtain a residence permit. You can buy a ready-made company in Germany.
Business immigration to Germany will provide you not only with access to the European market and the global economy, but also the opportunity for your family to live in a developed and safe European country.
The first step on the way to German citizenship is to obtain a residence permit in Germany, which can be temporary (urgent) and permanent (indefinite) residence.
It is possible to obtain permanent residence in Germany only after several years of residence in a country with the status of a residence permit (the standard period is 5 years), and after 7 years, an immigrant gets the right to apply for German citizenship.


 Malta is a sophisticated, small, and extremely generous territory. In addition, Malta boasts majestic architecture and beautiful, hospitable people. In 2011, Malta acquired the status of the country with the most favorable climatic conditions in the world. Short registration terms, excellent quality of banking services, and most importantly, favorable, and flexible taxation attract businessmen to Malta.
Your business in Malta is one of the possibilities for obtaining a residence permit in
Malta. After registering a company, you must submit a set of documents (business plan, resume for certain parameters, diplomas of education, health insurance).
In the Employment and Training Corporation, where in 2-3 months you will be issued
a work permit, after which a residence permit is issued.
Malta is in many ways a unique state with a rich history, favorable taxation, and ease of starting a business. By contacting us, you will be able to fully enjoy all the benefits of doing business in Malta.


Stability, predictability, confidentiality, and moderate taxes are the features that attract wealthy foreigners to Switzerland. Becoming a resident of this European country is not easy at all, even a foreigner has the right to buy real estate not in every canton. Every year, the number of real estate objects available for purchase by citizens of other countries is quoted. The same is true with a passport: the path to Swiss citizenship is through a residence permit and long-term residence in the country, or marriage.
Even though Switzerland is doing its best to preserve its identity and protect its territories from the influx of refugees and citizens of countries outside the EU, the authorities are loyal to investors who are ready to engage in useful business projects.
Any Russian citizen can register a company in Switzerland or buy a ready-made company, but he does not have the right to be its director if he does not have a Swiss residence permit.
We will help you to establish a stable operation of your company in Switzerland: start a company, choose a Swiss resident manager, tax adviser, legal address and open a Swiss bank account.

Setting up a foundation in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
Recently, there have been requests for the purchase of a ready-made investment or personal — family fund in Switzerland. So, it is almost impossible to buy an investment fund in Switzerland for many reasons, however it is quite possible to register a personal fund in Switzerland. Our experts will help you set up a family foundation in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
The best option is to create your own personal fund in Liechtenstein or in Switzerland.


When choosing a jurisdiction to work in the international field, many people pay attention to Liechtenstein. The reputation of the Principality as a financial center is very high, it has a transparent, well-developed business system. Liechtenstein is not an offshore company in the traditional sense, but rather a low tax “zone”, to which international banks and national tax authorities are not as picky as to well-known jurisdictions. Therefore, if you are interested in an offshore company for the free conduct of multinational operations, it is profitable and convenient to open a company here.
Other advantages of Liechtenstein include a simple mechanism for opening and maintaining the efficiency of the company and confidentiality — data about its shareholders/ beneficiaries are not entered in the Public Register and are not disclosed. Also, after the registration of the company, the previously contributed authorized capital is unfrozen and its use is possible at the discretion of the owner.


England is the financial heart of business in Europe and doing business in such country is not only financially profitable, but also prestigious. This is a qualitatively new stage in the development of your business. Registering a company in the UK will give you a pass to the European market and direct access to global financial resources.
The company in the UK is characterized primarily by the security of doing business and the age-old tradition of protecting property rights.
For entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the UK, there are some tax benefits.
A pleasant advantage for you and your family will be the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the UK on the basis of doing business.
The company “Start Capital Financial Group” has representatives in the UK, with our help you will be able to properly prepare documents and open a business
in the UK. We also provide support for obtaining a residence
permit in the UK.


Beautiful sunny Bulgaria is a country where many people would like to live. Warm climate, easy language, similar culture, European order… Foreigners are interested in Bulgarian citizenship for another reason: this is an opportunity to become a citizen of the European Union relatively quickly, which opens the door to numerous opportunities – to live, study and work in the EU countries, as well as to freely visit most of the countries of the world.

The Bulgarian Citizenship Program is currently the most profitable program for obtaining EU Citizenship.
* quickly obtain a residence permit;
* fast Track option allows you to obtain residency for a two-year period;
• there is no need to be permanently in the country;
* government-approved investments and affordable financing from banks;
• no need to know the language;
• no need to renounce your existing citizenship;
• lowest taxes and free trade across the EU;
* The right to free movement in the Schengen area;
* the opportunity to get the best medical care in Bulgaria and the EU;
* exemption from taxation on global income.


Business immigration to the beautiful south-eastern country of Europe, Romania, has become very relevant over the past few years. Business in Romania is allowed to organize not only residents of this state, but also foreign representatives. The main advantage of starting a business in Romania is that the owner of the company has access to the EU trading platform, because this country became a member of the European Union in 2007.
The government does not impose strict requirements on foreign investors. But one of the main things when setting up a company in Romania is to provide jobs to Romanian citizens.
The specialists of our partner company will select and prepare all the documents necessary for business registration and obtaining a residence permit for you. The company is also engaged in the preparation and execution of documents for obtaining a Romanian passport legally.


Slovenia is one of the richest countries of the former socialist camp, which has become a magnet for investors from all over the world. Famous for its hot springs, Slovenia is located in the center of Europe. Mild climatic conditions, wild nature, mountain, and seaside landscapes contribute to the fact that people from all over the world choose this country to live and work. The program for obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia is the most stable and understandable process for obtaining a residence permit in Europe.

Doing Business with us
European opportunities for you and your family.
Business Immigration to Europe.

Instead of Participating in an affiliate program, you may involve in the European integration of your business.
Registration of companies in Europe is not only an entry into the European market, but also an opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the EU for you and your family.
The advantages of doing business in Europe are the constancy of the legal framework, flexible taxation, and low level of corruption. Regardless of which European country you choose to open a company in, you will be eligible to operate throughout the entire Euro Area.
European companies all over the world have a positive reputation, which increases the level of trust on the part of consumers and suppliers.
When registering a business in Europe, it is necessary to open a commercial account in one of the European banks. In developed European countries, you are guaranteed asset security due to the high level of development of the banking system.
Our company will help you open an account in the country where you register your company,
as well as having an account in Switzerland or an account in Liechtenstein– both in the most reliable banking countries in Europe.

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